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You can talk all you want, but it's different than it was

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June 7th, 2011

05:37 pm - Vitas

Come and listen to a wonderful Russian opera singer.  He is a Russian counter tenor, not only is he gorgeous, he has an amazing voice.  His vocal range is 5+ octaves.

You will be amazed
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September 27th, 2008

03:38 pm
I've been ignoring Infernal Opera for far too long. I no longer sing, but I now direct. Directing makes me much happier than singing ever did. I'm training at the moment and doing my own projects on the side, and next spring I'll be on placement with Scottish Opera.

By way of reintroduction, I present you with evidence that directors can be rather odd people:

How are you doing, singers and other Infernal Opera people? What are you up to? Bring me back up to speed, I've been paying no attention for far too long.

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March 26th, 2008

05:56 pm
Would it be possible for anyone to upload a video of New York City Opera's Madama Butterfly that was broadcast on PBS last Thursday evening, if you taped it? I was there, but my seat was awful and I couldn't see more than half the stage - I'd like to see what I missed!

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February 14th, 2008

03:13 pm - NYIOP Auditions
Noob here with a question. I hope it's alright.

Has anyone ever done the New York International Opera Auditions? I'm wondering what to expect. The website, while helpful, can't give me info from the singer's perspective.
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November 15th, 2007

06:19 am
Hi peeps,
I gave up mod status of operasingers a while ago because it was getting kind of out of hand. I changed a lot since I started that community and I don't think people really understood that.
So the grown up me wants to discuss opera with y'all. :-D
I was wondering, am I allowed to promote a new community here?

edit: New community: voiceped

Please read the userinfo BEFORE you join! Thank you!

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September 6th, 2007

12:05 pm - Rest In Peace
I'm not sure if people have heard, but Luciano Pavarotti died rather unexpectedly (at least to me) after a years battle with pancreatic cancer.

I thought it'd be nice to put this up as a little tribute.

I saw him back in 1996, when I was offered free tickets to go see the Three Tenors at Wembley Stadium.
It was a fun concert, but, I think when i was much younger, my mom would watch any opera on television and whenever he was on, she'd definitely watch it.
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September 1st, 2007

02:40 pm - Andrea Gruber
Does anyone know what Andrea Gruber's performance schedule might be between Sept 2007 and May 2008?   I've been looking and have found nothing between the close of the Verona  Nabucco and the May Macbeth's at the Met.  

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July 3rd, 2007

01:15 am - RIP Beverly Sills


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January 27th, 2007

11:19 pm - wow
ok nothing seems to be going on so...
I heard from a reliable source that the tudor queens will most likely be going up in 2012 but not with Fleming, Gheorghiu, and Netrebko singing the three queens as once heard but with..get this....ALL 3 QUEENS SUNG BY NETREBKO

Crazy right??

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